About Us

Design that inspires envy
Decor that exudes class
Furnishing that embodies elegance

Welcome to an out-of-the-world experience where decor, accessories & furnishings are in complete harmony, connected by a symbiotic bond that helps transform your house into a work of art. From an empty canvass to a masterpiece, witness your home undergo the ultimate makeover. This blend of awe inspiring artistry and exquisite craftsmanship is a celebration of life where all the collection comes under "Just for Decor"

JustforDecor brings you a specially selected range of home furnishings and gifts (many of them which aren’t available anywhere else in India), as well as design and inspiration for your home.

We at JustforDecor believe that stylish interiors don’t have to be expensive. A few simple touches can make all the difference. Sometimes, just a single object can change your mood. Think of coming home after a stressful day and the comfort of having a perfect ambience set in your home with the perfect coffee mug, soothing aroma or a great wall art to welcome you home. 

Gift ideas need not be extravagant: sometimes giving someone a carefully selected unique gift can say more than words ever can.
Discover how you can create a relaxed and stylish home. It’s the key to a life that’s happier, healthier and more successful.

About the People behind Justfordecor

Justfordecor is an online brand of S.T.Unicom Pvt. Ltd having an experience of nearly 2 decades in the field of artistic furniture & home decoration. It's this solid foundation of knowledge and service that our customers nationwide have come to depend on us over the past 20 years. Today, we serve an array of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and healthcare companies to interior artchitect assisted homes as well as homes made by independent home builders. 

The company decided to bring in world-class home decor products to you online at honest prices. It brings you a phenomenon that promises to change the way we make our homes. It's this solid foundation of knowledge.

Our Promise

At Just for Decor, we aim to create emotions and anticipate trends - even setting them possibly. We go beyond just low prices, our focus being on providing you true value. Whether it's our superior selection of products or an impeccable customer service, we're committed to combining excellent product quality and service into an experience you just can't beat.