What is Just for Decor?

Just For Decor is a place to discover the most exciting things for your life and space. JFD’s mission is to help people better their lives with inspiring designs for better living. Millions of people around the globe use JFD to discover everyday design product at great prices to connect with the world’s most exciting designers and to share their favorite design inspirations.

Who decides what products are sold on Just for Decor?

The Just for Decor along with its Design heads, employs a team of design experts and enthusiasts who hand pick the product selection. They also work round the year with several designers and manufacturers go make the entire collection, a collection that we know for sure ,you will love! Something useful, functional, fun, colorful and above all, to make people smile! On other words a “Smile Guarantee”.

Where does Just For Decor get its products?

A team of design heads of the company who have experience of over 2 decades procure item from designers and manufacturers. The team guarantees the authenticity of each and every product that is sold on the site.

How can I know if Just For Decor offer special sales on its collection?

You can see all the promotions and sales on the Just for Decor home page. You can also check the promotions through the special events/ selections on the home page.